Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

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The Law…

New legislations have come into play and from 1st Sept 2017, any vehicle from 1st Jan 2012, that was factory fitted with a TPMS system will be an MOT failure if there is a fault. As of 1st Jan 2014, ALL vehicles are fitted with a TPMS system.


TPMS Types

There are 2 main types of TPMS, dTPMS and iTPMS:
Or direct TPMS involves wireless electronic valves which directly monitor your tyre pressure and temperature of your tyres. The battery life on these valves is only warranted for 3 years and the batteries cannot be replaced. The valves and seals can be serviced if corroded.
Or indirect TPMS uses calculations from the vehicles ABS/ESP to work out the circumference of your tyres. Although iTPMS is not as accurrate as DTPMS, it is easier to maintain. Often simply inflating your tyres to the correct pressures will rectify the issue.