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Hull City Tyres can you supply you with any one of your favorite or preferred brands of tyres. Our prices are highly competitive and service is bar none! But if you are not willing to pay premium brand prices, we believe for everyday road use, you can not get any better quality for your money than Landsail. We endorse them for this reason, with ratings to match and even beat premium brands, on top of a FREE tyre life guarantee, you cannot go wrong!

Visit Landsails website for more information and you can even see our good reviews posted on their retailer reviews.

Landsail Tyres Website


Quality, technology and confidence run through the treads of every set of our high performance tyres. Even in the most demanding conditions you can feel the difference with Landsail tyres.

Landsail tyres offer the perfect combination of efficiency, durability and performance

If you have a preferred brand, give us a call we can do you a great price on all brands. If its not in stock today, it will be tomorrow.