New Tyres

New Tyres

Why Pay Way Over-Inflated Prices For Quality Tyres?

Many people are ill-advised when it comes to buying the right tyre for their vehicle as they are lead to believe they should pay over inflated prices for top brands such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Dunlop,  Avon, Hankook etc. The truth is there are now tyres in the market place which are right for  your vehicle and the way you drive at fraction of the price!

Here at Hull City Tyres we specialize in brand new quality Rapid tyres, Aoteli tyres, Goodride tyres and Infinity tyres which are manufactured to the highest standards. Rapid tyres have ensured only the finest quality materials have been used during the manufacture process using the latest technology. The tyres themselves have been tested to the highest standards and receive strenuous testing throughout the manufacture and development process. A relatively new brand of tyre in the UK, Rapid tyres announced in September 2016 after 9 months of prominence in the UK market they had sold over 1 million tyres n the UK alone! Rapid tyres have made a major imprint with major local Yorkshire wide outlets such as Bush/Endyke tyres achieving  the most recommended brand in January 2017 with many customers now understanding the level such tyres have now achieved, offering excellent value for money! This has therefore helped customers to make an informed decision rather than moving with natural gravitation towards major brands such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli etc. spending much more of their hard earned money than necessary. Many of our customers choose to use us because we are not only generally the best priced but we offer a service which we hope will ensure you leave us with a smile and the feeling that you have been in excellent hands!

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We stock an extensive range of Rapid tyres here at Hull City Tyres, If we do not have them in store and you need them the same day….Don’t worry! We can have them for you the same day ready for your appointment!

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We also stock brand new Aoteli tyres which are of similar level to our Rapid tyre range. Again Aoteli tyres have been manufactured to the highest standards and already have a reputation for quality ensured complying with the strictest of European standards. Aoteli brings together the finest German, Dutch and Japanese engineering  equipment to manufacture tyres of the highest standards selling over 6 million tyres each year already!

We stock an extensive range of Aoteli tyres here at Hull City Tyres, If we do not have them in store and you need them the same day….again do not worry! We can have them for you the same day ready for your appointment!


Another of our top selling tyres is our Goodride tyre range, again similar levels of quality to our Rapid and Aoteli range, becoming more and more popular and reliable within the UK market. Goodride tyres take great pride in producing tyres that rate among the best in the world. Their corporate philosophy is all to to with collaboration with suppliers and millions of customers worldwide. Goodride engineers work closely with their international research team consisting of Korean and Japanese experts to ensure quality and continuity and continue to invest millions of capital each year into production and testing facilities introducing the first noise test laboratory in China! Since 2012 Goodride have maintained te rank of being inside the global top 10 tire manufacturers!

Our final big selling tyres is our Infinity tyre range. Infinity tyres are dedicated to maintaining high standards as they are well aware their main assets “people, capital reputation” are key to sustainability and should any of these elements be damaged, they are then very hard to restore. Infinity tyres invest to a high level ensuring no corners are cut when developing tyres using their many years experience in tyre technology ensuring levels are achieved and maintained to claim an advantage. The end goal which is “maximum levels of security, longevity and comfort” are met whilst providing new tyres with superior service at a fraction of the cost. Again Infinity tyres cover vehicles ranging from high performance, ultra high performance, 4×4/SUV, winter tyres, van, light commercial, heavy commercial truck tyres to economical standard tyres. Here at Hull City Tyres we stock an extensive range of Infinity tyres and If we do not have them in store we can have them for you the same day ready for your appointment!


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If you are looking for a specific tyre i.e. Pirelli, Continental, Dunlop, Avon, Hankook, Bridgestone, Firestone or Michelin please feel free to give us a call as we do still stock many of these tyres, again if we o not have your required tyre in stock rest assured we will be able to have this tyre delivered generally the same day to us at a price second to none!